The Millennium Forests : School Program (2000-2002)

Cavan No.1 National School, Co. Cavan:

Gwen went to visit Cavan No.1National School on the 23rd of March, 2001. The pupils knew all about their local woodlands and were hoping to go on a woodland walk during Tree week. The younger classes in the school were doing a project on birds and had a beautiful wooden bird table in the yard. The pupils really enjoyed the visit and sent Gwen some lovely thank you letters! You can see some of the things they said about the visit below.


The presentation on the forest was wonderful. My favourite part was the video, because it showed a lot of nature. I have learned a lot about forests thanks to you. Thank you for showing us the presentation. Hope to see you again,
Yours sincerely, Joseph McCollum

We thought your presentation was briliant. the way you explained the different types of wood by touching it was very good. The video you brought in was very good, because it showed lots of animals and birds that you would not see in the forest, because if they heard you they would run away. It was fun when you tested us on the leaves. I have learned so much more and a lot that I didn't know. The information you gave us was very useful. You spoke well and we understood you. Thank you for coming to our school. We hope to see you again.
Yours sincerely, Melissa Hewitt

Thank you for coming in to our school and telling us about the trees. The video that you brought in was very interesting. We learned loads more about the trees than we knew before. We learned all the different kinds of leaves. We liked all the things you brought in. Thank you very much for your visit.
Yours sincerely, Miriam McCollum & Elayne Kilroy.

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