The Millennium Forests : School Program (2000-2002)

St Saviors National School:

Marian visited the pupils at St Saviors National School and they wrote some great stories about oak trees. They started all their stories off with "I am an oak tree ....". Why don't you try to write a story about an oak tree.

The following are extracts from some of their stories......

"I am an oak tree in Ballygannon wood. I am 200 years old. My name is Oakie the Oak tree. I started as a little acorn. I am a deciduous tree, every year I lose my leaves and my acorns fall to the ground."
- John Andrews

"A month later I pushed my tiny root out of the middle of my kernel. In my youth I watched the beautiful flowers grow and the birds flying in the clear blue sky. The animals scurried by. The rain fell and the sun shone."
- Anna Tierney (3rd class)

"About 100 years ago a man came to the forest with me. I was only a seedling. He dug a hole and then he put me in it. He covered me up with soil. Then he watered me down. It took 50 years to grow half the size I am now. One day a squirrel, wood mice, deer rabbits and wood lice came in to the forest. The wood mice and the squirrels started to collect my acorns."
- Zara Elkinson (3rd class)

"I knew I was getting old and one day I would come down, but I had had a happy life. Next month some children from St. Saviors National School came and gathered acorns to plant at school. I was glad because now my seeds would grow and there would be lots more strong oak trees in Ballygannon wood."
- Amy Elkinson (4th class)