The Millennium Forests : School Program (2000-2002)

Scoil Asicus, Strandhill, Co. Sligo:

Gwen visited the pupils at Scoil Asicus, Strandhill in November 2000. One of the pupils, Roisin Kelly wrote an account of Gwen's visit.

"Gwen came to my classroom yesterday. She talked about trees and she showed us leaves of oak, ash and hazel. She showed us the bark of an oak tree, the bark of an ash tree and the bark of a birch tree. Gwen said that her favourite bark is the birch because it was pinkish. She talked about the forest wildlife like birds, plants and more animals. We planted an acorn in a milk carton or a pot. She said if you take care of it, it might grow into a oak tree. She said to water it twice a week and give it lots of light. I am taking care of mine. For the Millennium, Coillte have planted trees for every family in Ireland. The Sligo site where they are planting the trees is Killery. They sent out letters in the post about it. My family got one already. Gwen will be coming back next Spring to see if the acorns we planted grow. We might go for a walk in a forest too".

By Roisin Kelly